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Raised bed organic gardening


April 20 2005: As you can see, we are big fans of raised bed gardens. Our back yard slopes slightly and raised beds are a practical way to create terraces. This keeps the water from running off down the hill before it can soak into the garden. In the lower right you can see preparation for more organic raised beds

We used newspaper, held down with fire wood to kill off the sod where we want to put the new raised beds. I'm using an edger to cut the old sod into squares which I lift up with a pitch fork.

raised bed gardening

raised bed organic gardening

I've used 2 X 10s to make a box for my raised bed. Mel Bartholomew of "Square Foot Gardening" fame, feels that four feet square is the optimum size for a raised bed. This one is 4' X 5'. The beds on the hill are 3' X 7'.These sizes worked for the terrain I am dealing with. If you make your raised beds much larger than 4' x 4' They become harder to tend.
Due to the natural slope in our yard water tends to run off rather than sink in. By filling along the uphill side of the raised bed with stone I hope to channel some extra water into the bed. .

raised bed gardening

raised beds gardening

I have filled the new raised bed with a mix of compost peat moss and vermiculite and adjusted the Ph with some lime. The organic raised bed is now ready to plant. Happy gardening.
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