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organic gardening

June 2, 2005. May in New England has been one of the coldest on record, but June is here and warmer weather can't be too far away. Nighttime temperatures are finally staying above 50F and we are going to put out our tomato, pepper and basil seedlings and hope this stretch of cool weather breaks.

This is American Ginseng which is native to North America, but has become endangered in the wild. Ginseng's medicinal qualities have made it popular with herbalists and more people are trying to cultivate it. Ginseng is fussy about it's environment and prefers to grow on north slopes in the company of hardwoods. We have created a small hollow under two maple trees to try and simulate it's natural habitat. This chimney block is partially set into the ground and then mounded around in an effort not to damage the roots of the maples. The planting medium is a mixture of the underlying soil and compost that had plenty of hardwood leaves in it

organic gardening

organic gardening

Our perennial garden is three years old now and looking very lush. We top dressed it with compost about two weeks ago. This view shows lupine, tree peony, columbine and poppy. In my opinion they look better than most plants grown with chemical fertilizer.
Here I have planted five heirloom varieties of tomato, along with sweet basil, purple basil and calendula as companion plants. Dill and borage, which are growing nearby are also good companions for tomatoes. One of our neighborhood felines has stopped by to patrol the garden in search of rodents. We have a large catmint plant nearby to reward him for his efforts.
Tip: see our article on growing tomatoes organically.

organic gardening

organic gardening

This colorful salad is made with freshly picked mixed greens and radishes, which while nutritious, would be somewhat boring without the addition of calendula, chive and viola flowers. In addition to being more attractive to look at, the delicate flowers add subtle tastes and textures that make this salad a culinary treat.
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