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organic gardening

May 26, 2005. It has been a cold, windy and rainy week in New England. We haven't accomplished much but are anticipating better weather next week. Sunday was our local town park's yearly plant sale. It is a good place to find a variety of plants from local nurseries without having to drive to many different locations. If you look closely at the picture on the left, you can see our neighbors black and white cat. He is very friendly and a great natural rodent deterrent

Some of the perennial herbs need pinching already so they don't go to seed too soon). The chive plant however (on the left in this picture) is one we can't wait to see flowering. The beautiful lavender blooms are delicious. In the bud stage, that they are in now, they resemble capers and can be preserved similarly. I add them, fresh, to vegetable stir fry dishes at the last minute of cooking. Another favorite is to add them to fresh organic garden asparagus and shitake mushroom spring rolls. When the flowers come to full bloom, I like to break them apart and sprinkle them over fresh organic salad greens. they add a mild onion flavor with a slight peppery quality.

organic gardening

organic gardening

The new flower bed that we cut the sod out of last week has not progressed much due to the miserable weather. This garden slopes from back to front and I am experimenting with where I want the change in grade to occur .
Our comfrey plant, which is almost ready to flower, had been weathering the storm pretty well but must have gotten knocked down in a heavy gust last night. It is a sturdy plant and no stems seem broken. Hopefully it will stand back up when the sun comes back out.

organic gardening

organic gardening

Last week I mentioned our desire to instill a love of gardening in our granddaughter. This is her "fairy Garden", complete with a miniature Zen garden, which occupies a shady corner of our tea garden. This week she transplanted some moss from a miniature container garden that our friend Frances made for her at the park plant sale. I think it's working.
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