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organic gardening

May 19 2005. Spring is in full bloom in southern Rhode Island this week. We have been busy this week finishing up one project and starting another. Last week this "tea garden" got a new cobblestone border. This week we added a pond less water feature.

Water features attract birds to your garden and are also pleasant to look at and listen to. Part of our intention in the garden is to add features that we hope will inspire our six year old granddaughter to want to garden when she gets older. Elements like this water feature may help achieve that goal.

organic gardening

organic gardening

My friend Bret from Prince Edward Island tells me that some farmers there have had success growing potatoes in seaweed. This container garden is filled with a seaweed we call eel grass. We have found it to be a great mulch for our vegetable beds, and now we'll see how it works as a growing medium for potatoes. In the background you can see my salad garden is doing well. We have been eating fresh baby greens for about a week.
Hopefully this will be our last new garden bed for this year. We have had eel grass piled here over the winter and it has successfully killed off most of the grass. By cutting up and removing the sod rather than turning it in with the soil we should have less trouble with weeds later on.

organic gardening

organic gardening

This cat bird has been patiently waiting for me to finish cutting sod so he can feast on any grubs that I've uncovered. I've been praising him for his efforts. I wonder if I'll be as grateful when he sets his sights on my berry crops. I guess he's earned his share.
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