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organic gardening

May 12 2005. The garden is always under construction. This week we decided to spruce up the tea garden with a cobblestone border. After cutting the sod out, we added a couple of inches of sand to set the cobblestones in. The remaining space was filled with marble chips so I can mow around the cobbles without having to come back with the string trimmer.

This is the view from the deck of the finished border around the tea garden. The herbs we grow for tea here include chamomile lemon balm and various mints. we keep the mints marginally contained with edging, but they still find a way to spread.

organic gardening

organic gardening

This strawberry bed is in it's third year and looks to be a bumper crop. It was thinned out to about six inches between plants earlier in the spring. we also lifted the mulch and gently top dressed around the plants with an inch or so of compost and replaced the mulch. We have had good luck using white pine needles gathered from our yard for mulch. After the harvest we will thin out the plants some more and add a little more compost.
When we purchased this property 4 years ago there wasn't a single flowering plant in the yard, let alone a garden. I had just turned fifty and decided to start small with this herb garden. The bleeding heart had come with us from our previous garden and has made itself right at home.

organic gardening

organic gardening

Pretty much anything lying around that will hold dirt is likely to end up as a container garden. This wash tub is holding ten pea plants. Branches that came down over the winter will make perfect supports for the peas.
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