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This Week in the Organic Garden

May 5th. Each year about this time we make a trip to "Garden in the Woods" in Framingham MA. It is the headquarters of The New England Wild Flower Society. Besides the wonderful displays of wild plants in their natural habitat, Garden in the Woods propagates wild plants for sale to the public. They frequently offer rare and endangered plants. We bought this Goldenseal plant two years ago when it consisted of one stem. We are delighted that it is doing so well.

This year we bought these wild low bush blueberries. We hope they will form an edible ground cover on our back yard hillside.

This week in the organic garden pictures

organic gardening

Last year we bought a black cohosh plant and planted it in our medicinal garden. It wasn't doing well so we quarantined it in a pot for the rest of the season. It rebounded and now we are planting it in a new spot that gets less sun. This should be closer to it's natural habitat. I've dug a hole about three times the size of the plant's root ball.
I've added a mix of compost and peat moss to the hole and set the crown of the cohosh at the same height as the surrounding ground. As with other transplants, I am watering until the plant is almost floating in it's hole. I will then gently but firmly press it down and add more potting mix if necessary.

organic gardening

This Week in the Organic Garden

Our favorite roses are rugosas which are native to our area in southern Rhode Island. We often refer to them as Beach roses because they are prolific along the shore. Their fragrance is un matched by other roses and their large "hips" are an excellent source of vitamin C.
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