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organic gardening

November 28, 2005. The Garden is starting to show it's bones again. We harvested the last of the Brussels sprouts, beets, winter squash, and leeks, as well as many herbs, in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner. At this writing we have finished most of the remaining chores for this season.

We winter mulch our perennial beds with shredded leaves from two large maple trees in our front yard. We use a string shredder which works well as long as you remove any large twigs. Twigs will fray the monofilament line making it necessary to change it more often. A thin layer of salt hay keeps the shredded leaves from blowing away when the winter winds blow.

organic gardening

organic gardening

Other things we've been doing include planting garlic and cleaning up as much yard waste as possible to add to the compost pile. Now is also the time to dig up dahlias and other tubers in the flower garden (we store the tubers in paper bags with some of the bark mulch we use for our walkways. We keep them in the coolest part of the basement over the winter.)
Our feline friends are still stopping by to look for rodents and the last of the catnip. Sometimes they just cruise through, and sometimes they stop and visit awhile.

organic gardening

organic gardening

Our granddaughter wanted to make sure the fairies had a happy Thanksgiving. She added some decorations and left them some rose hips so they would have some vitamin c to fight off winter colds.
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