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organic gardening

September 5,2005. Labor day. This week in the garden we are counting our blessings, after witnessing the devastation left in the wake of hurricane Katrina. We are left with a great sadness for the countless lives that have been forever altered by this horrific event. It reminds us of the frailty of our existence, and reinforces our desire to live a more simple and more sustainable lifestyle.

 Freshly canned organic tomatoes and marinara sauces are a favorite in our household. Some of our friends think canning is too much work, and prefer to freeze their produce instead. In the event of a disaster that knocked out power for more than a day or two, canned food would still be good. We also save and rinse the seeds so that we will have acclimatized organic tomato seed for next year.

organic gardening

organic gardening

We continue to harvest both culinary and medicinal 'leaf' herbs. here my wife is drying spearmint and chocolate mint that she blends with other herbs to make a soothing after diner tea.
Cayenne pepper is not only a spicy seasoning. I has a number of medicinal properties. Capsicum, its Latin name, is the active ingredient in a number of commercially available liniments. In parts of Africa, South America and the Caribbean, Cayenne is used in the treatment of a number of internal and external conditions. It does not irritate the stomach as some people believe ( It can cause hic-ups which may stir up other ingredients associated with spicy foods, especially greasy meats). It has stimulant properties without adverse side effects. This is one plant we would never be without, Neither in our kitchen or our medicine cabinet.

organic gardening

organic gardening

Mourning doves are a common site in backyards in New England. Dove are one of the few visitors to the garden that feed almost exclusively on seed. Many of the other species that congregate around the bird feeder also enjoy snacking on insects as well as seeds, thus alleviating the need to use harmful pesticides. We don't begrudge the doves for their culinary preferences. All are welcome in the garden.
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