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organic gardening

August 25, 2005. Lack of rain continues to be our biggest concern in the garden. My wife has been harvesting medicinal herbs and drying them this week. Low humidity allows her to air dry herbs. She loosely ties small bundles of herbs and hangs them from the fireplace mantle or on a wooden clothes drying rack covered with gauze. This comfrey plant was four times it's current size before she trimmed it. Anything she didn't dry went into the compost pile. Biodynamic gardeners consider comfrey to be a key addition to compost piles.

Hummingbirds continue to put on a daily show in the garden. These two seemed to be mirroring each other as they as they worked their way around the garden. I managed to get this picture of them as they stopped to sample nectar from this hanging petunia. I find hummingbird feeders to be unnecessary if you have plenty of bright flowers growing around your yard.

organic gardening

organic gardening

Our tomatoes are starting to ripen at a rate faster than we can eat them fresh. We have been making gazpacho and fresh tomato sauce and salsa, but now is the time to start putting some of them up. Because of their acid content, tomatoes may be canned without the use of a pressure canner. Tomatoes can be skinned by plunging them in scalding water, for a few seconds, and then putting them in cold water. The skin should come off easily in your hands. The stem end should be cut off and the seeds removed by gently squeezing. They can now be frozen or canned or used in your favorite recipe.
We continue to enjoy our new pergola. It's a great place to watch the sunset and the moon rise. It also offers a new vantage point to view the garden from.

organic gardening

organic gardening

Native Americans helped to keep track of the seasons by giving names to the recurring full moons. These names often referred to activities or events associated with the month during which the particular full moon occurred. The full moon that rose  on August 19th this year, is listed by The Farmers Almanac as the "Full Sturgeon moon". It is also known as the "green corn moon", the "red moon" and the grain moon. Whatever you call it, it is always a marvelous sight.
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