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organic gardening

August 17, 2005. A cold front rumbled through southern Rhode Island early this week, with reports of hail, strong winds and multiple inches of rain. Not in our garden. We had a few impressive lightning strikes, close enough to send the cats and dog under the furniture. Unfortunately the accompanying rain was minimal, and did little to revive the gardens. The resulting cooler temperatures did help to revive the gardeners though.

Our "rock garden", which we call Zenhenge, continues to flourish in spite of the drought. The three stones, that run east to west, cast shadows that line up exactly, in the early morning, on the equinox. A daily raking, for the gardeners benefit, is all the care this garden requires

organic gardening

organic gardening

The gardens continue to attract a variety of birds and insects, due to the diversity of plants growing in our yard. All are welcome. Even though we have had our share pests, no crops have been so seriously damaged that we felt the need for drastic measures. So far, Asian beetles have been the most prevalent, but seem to be running their course. Most of the plants they have been feeding on are now making a comeback.
It is especially important in dry weather to make sure there is plenty of fresh water for the birds. We have a total of five baths at different heights throughout the gardens, and we change the water frequently. This beautiful bronze shell was made for us by our friend Sharon, who owns the Mystic River Foundry in Mystic Ct. Every time I think it's too hot in the garden, I think of how Sharon must be feeling in the considerably hotter surroundings that she works in.

To see other things that they do at the foundry, or to contact them go to:

organic gardening

organic gardening

Earlier this month, I visited the URI Master Gardener Demonstration Vegetable Garden at East Farm in South Kingston, RI. I had a chance to speak with Rudi Hempe, who is the president of the URI Master Gardener Association. Not only are they doing some innovative experiments with organic and sustainable gardening methods, but they donate all of the fresh produce to local food banks. I hope to do a feature article on this subject. In the mean time, I would encourage you to visit them if you are in the area.

Learn more about  URI Master Gardeners:

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