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organic gardening

August 5, 2005. Lack of rain continues to be a major problem for gardeners in southern Rhode Island. Many communities are instituting outdoor watering bans. We are continuing to hand water only the vegetable and herb crops that need it the most. We are considering recycling grey water from the kitchen sink and bathtub if this keeps up. Grey water systems need to be approved in RI, but a five gallon bucket under an open sink trap will do in case of a mandatory total outdoor watering ban.

A major accomplishment this week was the completion of a new pergola. Angus O'Connor, a master craftsman who also happens to be our son in law, donated his time and some left over yellow cedar to build this beautiful addition to the garden. He created this structure on site over a few Sunday afternoons.

organic gardening

organic gardening

I learned a new trick for installing the pergola on sonna tube footings. While I dug  holes for the footings in the approximate location, Angus assembled the pergola, complete with brackets that would extend into the cement.  With the help of clamps and saw horses, we suspended the structure exactly where we wanted it, we made sure it was square and level, and then we positioned the sonna tubes so the brackets would be centered at the top of each tube. We then poured the cement and backfilled the holes. By keeping the clamps in place until the cement was dry, we assured that everything would remain perfectly aligned. Needless to say, we are thrilled with the finished product.
About a month ago we went to New London, Connecticut to watch fireworks with new friends Roy and Brenda. Not only did they feed us generously, but they didn't make too much fun of me when I wanted to drag this large piece of flotsom from the banks of the Thames river where  their property is located. I used some leftover sonna tubes and cement to make legs for this nautically inspired bench. It will be known from here on as Roy and Brenda's bench.

organic gardening

organic gardening

Butterflies and hummingbirds are frequent visitors this time of year, and this tall variety of zinnia seems to attract both. Zinnias are annuals that are easy to grow and provide beautiful cut flowers most of the summer.
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