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organic gardening

July 25 2005. It has been hot and humid with little rain, not only in southern Rhode Island, but in much of the country. Whether or not global warming is to blame, periodic climate changes, such as the eight year drought that caused the dust bowl in the thirties are certainly possible. Conserving water is important. As you can see from this view, the lawn is brown and we are glad that we have mulch on all the gardens. We are still getting by with minimal hand watering. Also, by not watering them too much earlier, the annual plants send their roots deeper. This helps make them more drought tolerant.

About the only water Mother Nature has been providing is in the form of humidity. High dew points that make the days so uncomfortable, also create the morning dew seen on these borage blossoms. Every little bit helps. Borage has been used as a pot herb and salad herb for centuries. We grow it primarily as a companion plant to tomatoes. The flowers are also edible and are often candied.

organic gardening

organic gardening

My wife and I believe that most of what you need to stay healthy can be grown in your garden. Fresh picked, organic fruits, vegetables and herbs are higher in vitamins and minerals than those even a day or two old. We also grow so called medicinal herbs which may boost the immune system or have other specific qualities. There are some traditional herbs that are controversial and some that may interact with with certain medications. Always consult a health care professional if you have questions. Pictured is pleurisy root. Considered by some to be a common weed, it has been used to treat all types of bronchial and pulmonary conditions.
Our neighbors cat, Bert, makes his daily rounds. He is very friendly and engaging, always stopping to roll over for a belly scratching. He's quite stealthy, but the cat birds usually sound the alarm well before I notice him.

organic gardening

organic gardening

Garlic is a plant that we can never have too much of. It likes rich sandy loam with lots of organic compost. There are two types of garlic. White, which is an earlier variety and a good producer but doesn't keep as well, and pink, which is a later variety that keeps better but doesn't produce as well. We grow both.
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