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Check back often to see regularly updated pictures from our garden.
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organic gardening

June 21, 2005. For those who have been following this page each week, I apologize for missing last week's installment. Today is the first day of summer and we are about done planting and are now harvesting in many areas of the garden. These strawberries represent one day of harvest from our eight square feet of strawberry bed. Pick strawberries early in the morning for best flavor and texture. Freeze any you don't intend to eat right away, or make them into preserves. Strawberries can be frozen whole or sliced and packed in a syrup made from 1 part honey and three parts hot water. Let the syrup cool completely before adding to the berries.

We have finally finished our newest garden, which we plan to use for annual flowers. We hope this will provide us with plenty of cut flowers throughout the season. Our granddaughter was a big help this weekend, meticulously mulching around the freshly planted seedlings.

organic gardening

organic gardening

My friend Bret from Prince Edward Island appears to have been right about his assertion that potatoes will grow in straight eel grass. Two more plants have emerged since I took this picture. The container is filled with only this seaweed and has had no other amendments. It stays much moister than my other containers, and is flourishing with only occasional watering.
As I may have mentioned, when we purchased this property in late 2001, there was nothing remotely resembling a garden on the entire lot. I had just turned fifty, and with the help of my wife, set out to create something we could enjoy for years to come. Here, in a "before" picture, our granddaughter helps us break ground in may of 2002.

organic gardening

organic gardening

This is what the garden looks like today. It is a place we all enjoy. A place where our granddaughter can visit and roam freely and sample fruits and vegetables without us worrying about the effects of pesticide residues or other toxins in the landscape.
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