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Organic Gardening Information Resources

We are constantly looking for quality sites that will provide in depth information on a variety of relevant topics. Our goal is to get you interested in organic gardening and help you find ways to pursue it. We will continue to add sites as we find and review them.

Community Assisted Agriculture/ Sustainable Agriculture - LocalHarvest maintains a nationwide directory of small farms, farmers markets, and other local food sources. If you donít have the space or time to start your own organic garden, this site will help you find someone local that can supply you with organic products. - SARE stands for sustainable agriculture resource and education. They provide grants to researchers, agricultural educators, farmers and ranchers, and students in the United States. A good site if youíre interested in pursuing a community supported agriculture project. - The E. F. Schumacher Society home page provides information about preserving farmland with the use of community land trusts. This is something every community should be thinking about.

Related Organizations - The Organic Consumers Association is an excellent resource for information about the quality of the food supply. They tackle a lot of political issues that are beyond the scope of our web site. This site is a "must visit" if your concerned about the safety and future of this country's food supply.

Biodynamics - The Biodynamic Farming and Gardening website offers a lot of useful information about Community Assisted Agriculture, among other topics. It has a good introduction to the subject of Biodynamics (On of the oldest forms of modern organic farming) and lists astrological information relating to planting and harvesting.

Climate Information - The National Climatic Data Center has a wealth of weather related information of use to gardeners and amateur meteorologists. - The National Climatic Data Center Frost/freeze data tables for 3100 sites in the U. S. is a pdf file that will help you determine planting and harvest times in your area.

Seeds Suppliers

Suppliers of open pollinated, untreated, and genetically unaltered, vegetable, flower and herb seeds. All these suppliers carry organic and certified organic varieties. All carry many heirloom varieties as well.

Bountiful Gardens - Bountiful Gardens is a non-profit site that sells untreated open-pollinated seeds of heirloom quality. They are located in California.
Good Seed Company - The Good Seed Company sells open pollinated heirloom seeds. They are in Washington State near the Canadian border and specialize in cold hardy varieties.
Heirloom Seeds - Heirloom Seeds also sells untreated open pollinated seeds. They have a pretty good selection of medicinal herb seeds. They are located in Pennsylvania.
Heirloom Tomato Seeds -Heirloom Tomatoes sells 200 varieties of heirloom tomato seeds. All Shapes, colors and sizes. Located in Ohio.
Richters - Located near Toronto, Ontario, Richters specializes in herbs. They have an excellent selection of medicinal species. They offer seeds, plants and bulk dried.
Underwood Gardens - Underwood Gardens is a family run operation in Illinois. They carry a good mix of flowers, herbs and vegetables. 

Online Gardening Resources

These are directories or sites where you will find additional gardening information and links to gardening sites.

Garden Community: Directory over 100 categories to choose from.
Garden Zone finder, Giant Garden Directory 100's of categories to find gardens, specialty nurseries and garden supplies for wholesale and retail trade. Free garden pictures. Copyright free and royalty free pictures. Books, Links to Free Magazines, Articles and more.

Gardening E-books

Although this collection of e-books are not exclusively organic gardening related, we feel that many may be of interest to our visitors. There are some great resources here for garden related projects that can save you time and money.

Create An Incredible Lawn In Just Four Days- Although this is book is not coming from an organic perspective, there is good information on designing and maintaining an attractive landscape for your yard.
How To Build Your Own Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System - This is an easy-to-follow e-book that can save you money on installing an automatic irrigation system.
Fantastic Fish Ponds - A fish pond can add an interesting element to your back yard garden. This book will give you all the information you'll need to buy the materials and build and maintain your pond.
Natural Insecticides - Home Made Formula  - You'll learn the best ways to protect your plants, your trees, your pets and your family. (Realize that it's for very good reasons that more and more cities are BANNING the use of commercial insecticides and fertilizers).
Low Water Gardening - Xeriscaping Tips - If you live in a drought prone area this e-book will provide detailed ideas on how to conserve water in your landscape.
Country Living E-book and Reports - Ready to find your place in the country and move toward a more self-sufficient lifestyle? T
hese e-books and reports give you the basics on some of the country living fundamentals - from raising chickens and goats to baking bread.

Other Garden Related Sites

 Flowers UK Flowers UK, International Flower Delivery

Link Partners:

Organic Gardening Review would like to exchange links with anyone who has a relevant site relating to organic gardening or landscaping, sustainable agriculture, community supported agriculture, or other similar topic.

The purpose of our site is to disseminate information on environmentally responsible activities and to promote sustainable living.

We are not trying to compete with other sites. We believe instead that the more interconnected we are with like minded people and groups the louder our voice will be and the better chance we'll have of getting the message out.

Post your links on our forum and we will review them for suitability. If we decide to post your link we would like a reciprocal link on your site. We will consider business sites as well as organizations and informational sites.

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