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Growing Organic Vegetables in a Container Garden is Easy and Rewarding
by Chip Phelan

Do you have an urge to grow an organic vegetable garden but have limited space? Learn how to create a container garden out of recycled materials.

You donít need much space to have a successful organic vegetable garden. Almost any vegetable or herb can be grown organically in a container. Some of my favorites are lettuce, spinach, radishes, tomatoes, peppers, parsley, dill and basil. This year Iím going to try to plant all of these plants in a single container, in an effort to prove you can have fresh organic vegetables and herbs all summer, even if you have very limited space. Read full text...



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Foliage Plants Database
Searchable database with basic information and some photographs of plants grown primarily for their foliage. Japanese and English.
Fruits and Vegetables
Extensive set of fact sheets and links from the University of Florida.
Guide to growing and caring for houseplants, vegetables, trees and shrubs. Also features common pests and a miscellaneous section. From the University of Saskatchewan Extension.
Gardenweb: Name That Plant
Forum that allows users to upload images of plants that they are trying to identify.
Horticopia On-line Plant Information
Extensive directory of plants, categorized by genus, includes summary cultural information and small photograph for each plant.
Horticultural database with over 100,000 species and cultivars. Comments, ratings, and photos for many varieties supplied by members of the Gardenweb community.
Illinois' Best Plants
Chicago Botanic Garden provides a database of recommended plants for Illinois gardens, from perennials to trees, with photos and information on their culture and use.
New Jersey Weed Gallery
Database of weeds, accessible by common and botanical names and by a thumbnail gallery. Summary information and photos are provided for each weed.
Searchable database of plants with information on flowering, and climate.
Plants Database
Online USDA database of botanical information, images, and links on plants in the USA, including crops and invasives. Search by name, geographic distribution, or other characteristics.

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