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Companion Planting Provides a More Natural Environment for Plants to Thrive In
by Chip Phelan

Companion planting is a highly effective technique for organic gardeners. From controlling pests naturally to improving the flavor of your vegetables, companion planting is an easy and environmentally friendly way to manage your organic garden.

If you look closely at the natural landscape, you’ll never see a large area populated by a single species. Why then would it make sense to plant a single crop in a field or in a section of your garden? It doesn’t. Companion planting makes a lot of sense. Read full text...


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Cambridge University Gardens
Article addressing environmental gardening issues at Cambridge.
Denise's Organic Garden
Personal organic garden in Tallahassee, Florida.
Eastern Suburbs Community Garden
Garden designed on permaculture principles in Sydney close to city and Bondi Beach. Learn about organic gardening and permaculture.
My Gardens
Flowers, vegetables, tools, heirloom gardening, water gardening, composting, and recycling.
Organic Gardening by Samantha
Personal organic vegetable and herb garden in Oswego County, NY.
Scott Rozell and organic apples
List of varieties of apples and other fruits grown organically.
Scut's Garden
Method information about veganic, square foot, winter and organic gardening, with pictures and applications to the Pacific Northwest.
The Garden at Haren Farm
Growing vegetables organically. Includes hints and tips for successful organic gardening.
The Garden for the Environment
A one-acre, organic, urban garden located in San Francisco used for education and demonstration using workshops, internships, and school fieldtrips.
The Homeless Garden Project
A community supported organic garden enterprise in Santa Cruz County.

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