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Growing Organic Vegetables in a Container Garden is Easy and Rewarding
by Chip Phelan

Do you have an urge to grow an organic vegetable garden but have limited space? Learn how to create a container garden out of recycled materials.

You donít need much space to have a successful organic vegetable garden. Almost any vegetable or herb can be grown organically in a container. Some of my favorites are lettuce, spinach, radishes, tomatoes, peppers, parsley, dill and basil. This year Iím going to try to plant all of these plants in a single container, in an effort to prove you can have fresh organic vegetables and herbs all summer, even if you have very limited space. Read full text...



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Clearwater Landscapes
Landscaping resource for the do-it-yourself homeowner featuring interactive online landscape design.
Information about outdoor power equipment provided by an industry group, with sections on selection, maintenance, and safety, and lawn and garden care tips.
GetSet to Garden Resources
A gardening resource site for indoor and outdoor gardening, ponds, yard sites and stores.
Green Landscaping with Native Plants
Listing of news, resources, and information from the US Environmental Protection Agency on using native plants in the Great Lakes region. Also PDF fact sheets per state.
Kurtz-Fernhout Software
Formerly commercial programs now available for free. Garden with Insight is a garden simulator, and PlantStudio is botanical illustration software.
Landscaping Ideas from LoveToKnow
A collection of landscaping articles, about the design of various types of gardens, seasonal ideas, and the use of plants and flowers.
Overwintering Plants in the Landscape
Explains how to properly care for landscape plants suring the winter months.
Planning the Home Landscape
Advice and tips for planning, preparing, and constructing a new landscape area.
Preparation and Planting of Landscape Plants
Explains how to select plants, and prepare and maintain planting beds for landscaping.
Water Wise Gardening for the Pacific Northwest
Rod Smith, nursery professional in Oregon, describes how to save water by choosing low water plants, grouping plants according to water needs, preparing the soil properly, and conserving water with drip irrigation and mulch.

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Peaches and Nectarines
Information on growing peach and nectarine trees from the University of Georgia.
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