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Growing Organic Vegetables in a Container Garden is Easy and Rewarding
by Chip Phelan

Do you have an urge to grow an organic vegetable garden but have limited space? Learn how to create a container garden out of recycled materials.

You donít need much space to have a successful organic vegetable garden. Almost any vegetable or herb can be grown organically in a container. Some of my favorites are lettuce, spinach, radishes, tomatoes, peppers, parsley, dill and basil. This year Iím going to try to plant all of these plants in a single container, in an effort to prove you can have fresh organic vegetables and herbs all summer, even if you have very limited space. Read full text...



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Jack's hydroponic info pages
Jack's Hydroponic Info Pages provide extensive info on gardening indoors with Hydroponics for the newbie and for the expert gardener.
Paul's Hydroponic and NFT Growing Page
Practical information and experiences from a hobby grower. Including introductions on the various growing methods available.
Practical Hydroponics Magazine
An Australian bi-monthly hydroponics magazine with a handful of free articles for online reference.
Ray Schneider's Weedless Garden
Pictures and descriptions of indoor and outdoor systems devised by a hobbyist.
S.H.A.R.P. The Super Hydroponic Awesome Radish Project
Introductory and advanced home hydroponic concepts including lesson plans for teachers. Includes links and an FAQ.
Simply Hydroponics - Hydroponic University
A series of basic tutorials, FAQ's, free system plans, and contact information for detailed questions.
The World of Hydroponics
Large collection of related articles and FAQs
Virginia Cooperative Extension - Home Hydroponics
An introduction describing plant requirements, types of systems and media plus some nutrient basics and descriptions of common deficiencies.
What Is Hydroponics
Simply written guide to hydroponics. Covers systems, mediums, nutrients, and history with a links page and introduction also provided.

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West Virginia Master Gardeners
The Master Gardener program and training are conducted by the West Virginia University Extension Service through the county extension offices. The training provides gardeners with the opportunity to improve their horticultural knowledge and skills and then share their experience with the public through organized volunteer activities.
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