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About Organic Gardening Review

Welcome to Organic Gardening Review. The purpose of this site is to encourage the use of organic gardening techniques for novice and experienced gardeners alike.

Whether you are a city dweller with a balcony or rooftop container garden, a suburbanite with a few raised bed gardens or a country dweller with a few acres to utilize, organic gardening is a healthy, rewarding and responsible way to tend to gardens of any size. Organic gardening refers to centuries old practices such as composting (to recycle nutrients) mulching (to control weeds and conserve water) and companion planting (to create biodiversity which promotes a symbiotic relationship between plants and insects).  

Some people think organic gardening started in the 60ís and in a way it did. Organic gardening was re-inspired as a response to the increasingly expensive and destructive practices of chemical company agribusiness.

As demand for organic products has increased, organic gardening is now practiced by a growing number of commercial farmers. They range from large-scale indoor mushroom growers, to specialty tomato growers providing year round tomatoes from organic hydroponic greenhouses, to organic co-op farms that sell shares in their harvest.

If commercial growers can farm organically, so can you. The key is diversity and the use of organic techniques that have been around for centuries.

At we will provide you with tried and true basics in the form of tips as well as selected articles and products to improve your garden productivity. This will help protect and preserve the environment and improve the quality of your life and health.

By practicing organic gardening techniques, you will be doing something positive for your family, your community and all the creatures that share the earth with us.

Bookmark this site and watch us GROW.

Our Mailing Address:
Organic Gardening Review
PO Box 1181
Charlestown, RI 02813

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We at Organic Gardening Review would like to exchange links with anyone who has a relevant site relating to gardening, organic gardening or landscaping, sustainable agriculture, community supported agriculture, or other similar topics.

The main purpose of our site is to disseminate information on environmentally responsible activities and to promote sustainable living.

We are not trying to compete with other sites. We believe instead that the more interconnected we are with like minded people and groups the louder voice we have and better chance we have of getting the message out.

Please suggest a site link by visiting our Gardening Directory. Simply find the category or subcategory that best matches your site and click on the "Add Site" link. We will review submissions for suitability. If we decide to post your link we would like a reciprocal link on your site. We will consider business sites as well as organizations and informational sites.

You can find our Gardening Directory at:
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