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Check back often to see regularly updated pictures from our garden.
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Vegetable Gardening Organically

April 8th 2005: The following pictures show the scope and design of our modest back yard organic garden. This section of the garden is primarily for medicinal herbs. We built the stone walls to create raised bed terraces into the sloping hill.
This section consists of wooden raised beds. Here we grow most of our food crops. We companion plant with a variety of flowers and culinary herbs.

Organic Gardening Pictures

organic gardening

Our kitchen herb garden is in the foreground. Chives are up as well as chervil and the oregano has survived the winter under a layer of mulch .
Our garden is always under construction. Next to the "Rock Garden" we are piling seaweed to let it rinse before using it for mulch. Hopefully the underlying sod will have died off and will be easy to cut up when we are ready to turn this space into more gardens.

Organic vegetable garden

organic herb garden

My wife, who is a dedicated herbalist, makes delicious herbal teas harvested from this "Tea Garden"
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